Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

Corporate gift is a powerful and effective way to gain new and more customers to your business. People love to receive gifts and this is how business savvied companies have employed to attract more customers toward their brands.

If you’re looking at a proven strategy to scale up your business customized corporate gifts printing is a highly recommended strategy for you. At SWS Apparels, we have the best corporate gift in Singapore. Whether customized or promotional gifts. Our corporate gift printing services are available at competitive prices, while our unique corporate gift idea enables us to give our clients a diverse range of style and designs that allow them to showcase their affection towards their customers and love ones.

Promote your brand with our high-quality corporate gift printing today, and enjoy many benefits of promotional or customized gifts at reasonable prices. ​

*We might not be able to display every single products we have, so if you have any items you like but is not in our website, please drop us an email at

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Basic Gifts Individual Pages:





Seminar Folder

Travel Adapter

Sports Bottle

Ceramic Mug/Plate


Trolley Bag

Sling Bag


Torch Light

Car USB Adaptor

Non Woven/Canvas Bags/Drawstring Bag

Multi Purpose Bag

Laptop Bag


Toiletries Bag


TSA Lock

Straw Set