You are keen in printing t shirts with us but yet afraid the material is not what you like? You are office bounded and cannot leave your office?

Don't worry, just give us a call, we can arrange our sales person to drop by your office/school to let you choose the best material for your.

Afraid the printing is not to your liking?

Before mass production of your t shirts, our team will definitely provide you a design template/mock up for your approval. The process will consist of your choice of t shirts, the printing methods (silk screen printing, embroidery, digital transfer), colour of prints, size breakdown and the cost charges.

For orders above 100 pieces, we are able to provide the actual print out sample !!

At SWS Apparels Printing you will find the Custom T Shirts that uniquely represent your team and you! Hurry now and get unbeatable cheapest t shirt printing in Singapore just for you. We look forward to printing your custom t shirts and corporate gifts with us!

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T Shirt Design Software


Despite the fact that we do not have a t shirt design software or website online for our customers to self design, we do have in house designers here to assist you with your t shirt logo making process. Just let us know your idea, our designer will do our very best in creating the custom t shirt logo to your liking! All t shirt designs will be placed on a design template/mock up on screen for your approval before printing them.