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Printing Method Used For Apparels

Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen Printing

Cheapest T Shirt Printing Singapore and Silkscreen printing (also known as screen printing) is one of the most common and cheaper process of printing of which images are printed to t shirts. A desired custom t shirt design will be imposed on the silkscreen with the empty areas coated with impermeable solution. Ink is then forced through the screen on to the apparels or tee shirts forming the image desired printed.

This method of printing is suitable for solid colour and it is cost effective for lesser colour prints. Each colour of print require a new exposure to the silkscreen, therefore every mold will require a startup cost. To reduce cost of t shirt printing, customers should look at reducing the number of colours used in designs or increase the quantity purchased.

For this method of print, it is suitable for most material of t shirts such as cotton t shirts. At SWS Apparels, we provide the cheapest and best Silkscreen printing in Singapore. Our Silkscreen printing is durable and of high-quality inks that showcases your message clearly.

Transfer Printing

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Vinyl/transfer printing as its name clearly shown that it is the use of heat, transferring a material to a t-shirt. This method of print (vinyl heat transfer) is often used for jerseys whereby the back of the shirts are individual names and numbers. It is also used for t shirt that have multicolour logos or logos with gradient colours. Unlike silkscreen print, heat transfer printing does not have a startup cost, so cost are not directly affected by quantity but the printing size of the image to teeshirts. Cheap T Shirt Printing Singapore

For a cheapest jersey name and number printing, we are the specialist who are able to do it with low cost and high quality.

This method of printing is often used for dri fit t shirts!


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Embroidery is the use of threads that is stitched to the customized image of a tee shirt. This method allows single, multicolours or gradient printing. With embroidery, it creates a professional image and look of a particular organisation. Company often choose cotton polo t shirts to go with it.

Embroidery print also have its limitation such as unable to print too fine words due to small threads of stitches. However, unlike silkscreen printing, embroidery do not have a start of cost to print but cost will be reduced with higher quantity of apparels or tshirt chosen.

Direct to Garment

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Direct to Garment is the latest t shirt printing method in the market. It allow printing of multicolours/pictures which cannot be done by silkscreen printing. Ink is directly sprayed on the t shirts leaving it long lasting. There is no mould charge since mould is not required to set up in the process. Currently, DTG method is only suitable for white 100% cotton shirts.

Couple t shirts can consider using this method due to its low quantity and demand of multicolours.

Dye Sublimation Printing

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Sublimation Printing is the technique that converts the printed ink into gas via heat press and combines the ink with the fabric. As the sublimation ink becomes part of the shirt, image and logo printed is very lasting! Limitation of sublimation is that they can only do on white polyester (dri fit material).

Unlike silkscreen print, heat transfer printing does not have a start up cost, so cost are not directly affected by quantity but the printing size of the image to teeshirts.

Printing Method Used For Corporate Gifts

Pad Printing

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Pad printing is the transferring of 2D solid colour image to a 3D product of all shapes and textures and Cheap Class T Shirt Printing Singapore.

Roller Print

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Roller printing is the most suitable printing method for cylinder shaped items. Ink are pressed through mesh mould to make up high quality lasting logos. ​ ​

Laser Engraving

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Laser Engraving is usually used on flat, hard surface product such as wood, metal and acrylic. This method are often used for premium gift product like acrylic trophies, personalised gift for VIP etc.

Hot Stamping

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Hot stamping is a dry printing method that heat are applied on foil before transferring to item. This printing method give a premium look.

UV Printing

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UV printing is a method to print full colour printing under strong UV light. This is suitable for flat surface items Class T Shirt Singapore

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